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February 14, 2017 1 Comment

Have you ever wandered around a card aisle hopelessly looking for the right greeting card to get for a birthday or anniversary?

But then you settled on a plain one because the birthday card shelf was almost completely sold. Greeting cards are priceless and have been the earliest forms of endearment on a special day for many years. In today's society, the written word has become a thing of the past as everyone has resorted to digital technology.

The future of greeting cards is with MemoryTag Greeting Cards. MemoryTag greeting cards give you a chance to embrace this new age of technology by adding a picture or video directly into the card. We always envision walking into the store and finding that right greeting card sitting there waiting for us, but in reality, the shelf is mostly sold out and the only ones available are the birthday cards with giant numbers on the front or cards that have some sort of animal holding a cake.

MemoryTag is the first of its kind to allow the buyer to put a custom picture or video within the card. Most people end up throwing away greeting cards they get for their birthday or the holidays because they have no sentimental value, but now MemoryTag has created a card that you can come back to and look at year after year.

Greatness doesn't stop at greeting cards as MemoryTag uses this top-notch technology to allow you to customize different gifts, books, stickers, and other various items that would make an awesome gesture for somebody special.

MemoryTag's mission is to provide a greeting card that will allow people to express their true feelings on a greeting card according to President Robert Beadles, "I wanted to create a greeting card company that resonates with what people really wished their greeting cards would say and really show how the sender feels about the person there sending it to."

A picture can last a lifetime and displaying that on a gift or card can make not only the gift ten times better but the day as well. There is no need to settle anymore when you have the flexibility of Memory Tag to make occasions special again.

President Robert Beadles truly believes that Memory Tag will be the future of greeting cards, "The excitement and sales with MemoryTag greeting
cards has been enormous. Everyone who receives a MemoryTag greeting card can't say enough great things about it. Our success firstly goes to God then secondly to the buzz and excitement so many celebrities have had with our products have really made us take off."

No more strolling through the super store greeting card aisle trying to find the perfect card for a celebration. One try is all it takes to fall in love with MemoryTag.


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Jules joseph
Jules joseph

February 17, 2017

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