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March 02, 2017

Remember when you used to have to leave your home to buy a birthday card for your friend or family member or a Valentine’s Day card for your sweetie? You would look through some cards in the store aisle to find the one card that puts into words what you feel in your heart.

However, over the last decade or so greeting cards have become more like a thing of the past. Some of the reasons that have made greeting cards obsolete are:

  • Technology
    • With the advances in digital technology, there are so many other ways to wish something special to your loved ones. It has become more convenient to use email, e-cards, text messaging, and even social media to share greetings.


  • Time
    • Life has become so hectic nowadays that it can be difficult to even take a breadth to engage in your hobbies or just sit back and rest, let alone to go hunting for a greeting card. It takes time to sign greeting card and mail it off. On the other hand, texting or wishing something nice to someone via social media barely takes you a minute or so. Time is money!


  • Eco-conscious
    • There are a few people that have also switched to e-cards and emails because they are eco-conscious. Greeting cards requires paper, and paper comes from trees, and the earth cannot afford any more deforestation (well, there are tree farms but that is another topic!). However, there is an option for you if you are eco-conscious, you can always choose recycled paper greeting cards. On top of this, why choose to drive to the store if you do not have to! E-cards saves you gas money!

While all these reasons are completely valid, there is a still a certain charm associated with greeting cards. A birthday, an anniversary, and even Christmas seems kind of incomplete without greeting cards. They are uplifting! If you love giving and receiving greeting cards then you should keep up the tradition; many presents are incomplete without an accompanying card. And here are some of the reasons why:

  • While your wishes will reach the other party when you use digital mediums, greeting cards are more tangible. A card dedicated to your wishes becomes a part of someone’s precious memories.
  • Your friends and colleagues may be may be on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and so on, but what about other generations? Even though your grandparents may be Internet savvy, they would still appreciate a loving greeting card.
  • Messages and social media wishes can seem non-personal and dry, while a specially chosen greeting card makes you feel warm. You want something you can display at your desk at work or at home. You cannot do this with a virtual card.
  • The best thing about greeting cards today is the fact that you can personalize them. You can choose the colors, messages, and sometimes the photos that go on the card. Personalizing a card shows that you truly care about the person.

At MemoryTag they enable you to create your very own personalized and interactive greeting card. You can add personal videos and photos to these cards. You can say what you truly mean with the help of  while incorporating tradition and modern digital methods as well. The perfect combination!

Author:  Benjamin Roussey



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