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March 09, 2017



My name is Robert Beadles, I and others here at MemoryTag write, design, print and sell kick@ss greeting cards.

Why should you care? 

Well if your like 95% of greeting card buyers you buy from a brick and mortar store. You probably settle like most do on some lame, cheesy, corny, traditionally written greeting card you find in the most convenient store closest to you.

You probably give greeting cards out of obligation with a gift and the greeting card is the last thing on your mind. It’s just something that’s supposed to come with the gift or the gift card.


For me, that was the case until I watched people unenthused glance over the greeting card and then quickly discard it going right to the cash or gift card inside the card or dig into a gift bag for the present within. It was disheartening as it was such a pain in my ass to find the card for them.

Sometimes I would make a special trip to the store, locate the greeting card alley, dig through the hundreds of cheesy, oddly written traditional cards that had nothing to do with how I felt about the person or worse yet said anything remotely close to what I wanted to tell them.

Atop that, after I found a card that was vaguely close to what I hoped to convey in a card I had to go wait in a line behind long lines of people with loaded carts just to buy the card. Then when I finally made it to the cashier, I got raped paying $6 to $10 for a piece of paper that I wasn’t even happy with. All that hard work and it's simply discarded like wrapping paper on the way to the real present. The process sucks, plain and simple.

I thought what a waste. Not just for the time and money wasted but for the lack of value and sentiment that was never properly conveyed. I thought there had to be a better way and then I found it.

I'll just do it myself :-) That's what people do right? If they want it done right they what? Do it themselves. So that's what I did.

This gave birth to MemoryTag. The world's first paper greeting card you can put your own personal video or photo in.

We created the software, the cards and built the relationships to rival the greeting card giants that are all household names.

We are far from a household name or a giant for that matter but we hope what we do and make will catch on. This is not my first attempt at a business or a creating a business. I own several successful companies that through God's grace, family support, great teams and hard work and have done very well for everyone involved and I'm determined to do the same here.

We believe that if we create greeting cards for ourselves, that we would use, give to our loved ones and be proud of, others might too.

We take great pride in coming up with messages for our greeting cards that resonate with what people really say and feel in real life.

We don't want some English professor or out of touch recluse writing in their Mom's basement making our birthday card or anniversary card. It may be typo-free (unlike my rant here) but it sure doesn't use the language or imagery I or the other person relate to. So why settle?

I wanted to create a greeting card that says what you want it to say but also gives the buyer the ability to add their own video or photo right to the paper greeting card.

How do we do this? It's simple, you download our free smartphone app, scan the MemoryTag code on the inside of the card and right there on the spot add your video or photo. It's that simple.

Yet the receiver when they open the card and see the MemoryTag the know you care, it becomes a gift in itself. They can watch your video today or a hundred years from now. It will never be thrown away like the wrapping paper.

In addition, it's also better than those Ecards and Facebook cards because those expire, get deleted, can't find etc where these are physical keepsakes that last forever. Their truly one of a kind.

We're proud of what we create and want the world to stop giving crappy cards to each other. As Trump would say, we want to make greeting cards great again.

We're also fed up with high prices for crappy greeting cards, we even created a greeting card bundle pack that covers all the occasions for only $20 bucks!

20 Greeting cards for $20 bucks.

Yep, they kick@ss and say all the cool things you want a card to say, their awesome quality, we deliver them right to your door so they'll be close in hand. No more trips to the store, no thumbing through hundreds of cards in greeting card alley, no more long lines or high prices. We fixed the greeting card nightmare but we had to do it ourselves :-)

Hey if you don't want to buy in bulk, no worries, we have you covered. Check out our online store and search for just a single unique greeting card. We have hundreds of kick@ss greeting cards to choose from here at: all of which we'll mail right to you. Or, we can even handwrite them for you and send them straight to your special someone for just $3 bucks more. We also sell gift cards too, so throw one of those bad boys in the card as well. 



We love what we do so much we also create tons of fun videos we post on our Youtube channel. They can be a little wacky but their so much fun to make and the best part is their free too :-)

Follow us on our social media pages too! You can follow us behind the scenes and see how we do what we do and where we do it at. Their fun too :-)

I hope you enjoyed my rant and I apologize for my typos I'm not an English professor or basement recluse, I write kick@ss greeting cards :-)


Please comment below, follow us on social media and tell us what you love, hate, want more of, less of :-)

We want to hear from you!


Stop sending crappy greeting cards, send a gift, send a MemoryTag :-)


Author: Robert Beadles



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